What's the difference between a spinning bike and a stationary bike


What's the difference between a spinning bike and a stationary bike?

Both in appearance and structure, there are differences

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1, appearance

To put it in perspective, a stationary bike is like a regular bike, while a spinning bike is more like a mountain bike.One obvious point is the high position of the bike seat, which makes the person lean forward.

2. Structural differences

The first obvious difference is the position of the flywheel, most of the spinning wheel is front, a small part of the back, and the stationary bike has front and back, at the same time, the flywheel uses the package design.The flywheel weight of a spinning bicycle is at least 2 times more than that of a stationary bicycle. It is generally more than 15KG to be called a spinning bicycle, and the flywheel of a stationary bicycle is generally 3-6KG.

The resistance adjustment methods of stationary bike and spinning bike are different. The spinning bike is mainly controlled by brake block, while the resistance adjustment of stationary bike is mainly controlled by magnetic control.

Stationary bikes and spinning bikes ride differently.On a spin bike, you can ride either standing or sitting.The stationary bike according to the different horizontal stationary bike and vertical stationary bike, divided into lying posture riding and sitting posture riding two states of motion.

3. Fitness bikes and spinning bikes are suitable for people.

From the above stationary bike and the different structure of the spinning bike can obviously see that the strength of the spinning bike is stronger than the exercise bike, so the spinning bike is often more popular with young people, the old people in the choice of spinning is need to be careful.Stationary bikes are suitable for gym-goers of all ages.

Movement on a stationary bike belongs to moderate type, the general quality is fine, but don't put the buffer spinning on a stationary bike, first, you used not to come out the effect of spinning, the second, also can't spinning exercise intensity, if long time movement, in the form of spinning machine rigidity strength is not enough!

There is no better relationship between the stationary bike and the spinning bike, only to say that the differences between the two are suitable for different people to choose.If you say that young bodybuilding generation, like rhythm strong exercise, the pursuit of perfect body shaping effect, it can choose spinning.If you just stretch your muscles, a stationary bike is for you.

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