Is Treadmill Running better than Outdoor Running?


Is Treadmill Running better than Outdoor Running?  Which would you choose?

treadmill running

Advantages of the Treadmill:

1. Knee injury is less damaged

Now the design of the treadmill is very intelligent and humanized, basically with shock absorption function, and the running belt itself has a good elasticity, can minimize the impact on the knee, protect the probability of knee damage, relatively speaking more protective effect, of course, the wrong running posture will affect the knee damage.

2, relatively save energy

Maybe some people running on the treadmill will be more laborious, in theory, there is no air resistance when running indoors, and then coupled with the elasticity of the treadmill running belt can reduce physical consumption, relatively speaking, it is less labor.

3. Unaffected by the weather

This is good news for those who love running. After all, in heavy rain and snow, there is no need to worry about not being able to run, and you can enjoy running on the treadmill and sweating.

Advantages of "outdoor running" :

1. Fun and easy to stick to

Although indoor running does not have to worry about the outdoor weather, but the lack of a natural joy, and partners can enjoy the scenery along the way, and then talk and chat easily finished 10 kilometers, will not be so easy to fatigue.

2, conducive to the achievement

Outdoor running can exercise all parts of the body's muscles, is it to play more full effect, while running on the treadmill more exercise the biceps femoris and rectus femoris muscle, other parts of the muscle exercise little.In addition, running outdoors is easier to improve the explosive power, so as to improve running performance.

3. Be good for your eyes

Outdoor is not as closed as indoor, we can feel the changes of the natural environment while running, especially for some runners who often look at the electronic screen, watching more green can make the eyes more relaxed, which is conducive to the prevention and fight against myopia.

outdoor running

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